Growing: February - June

Growing never stops! As winemakers we are always tending to our vines and taking care of them. February - June is the time when the vines are pruned, buds grow, flowering begins, and us growers are busy training and tying vines to the trellises by hand. Guiding the vines along these trellis systems allows the grape clusters to capture just the right amount of sun and air circulation.


Feb - June
<span>Growing:</span> February - June

Harvest: July - September

Fall is an important time for grape growers. This is when growers check the grapes for sugar, acidity, and pH levels. When its just right the vineyards are harvested quickly so the grapes don’t over ripen. From there the grapes are whisked away to begin the next phase of distillation


July - September
<span>Harvest:</span> July - September

Distillation: September - October

Once the grapes have been destemmed and crushed they head to their new home, the fermenter. The skin of the grapes plays a crucial role as this will determine the color of the wine since the juice is colorless. After fermentation the wine is separated from the skins and aged for a specific time known as Conservation.


September - October
<span>Distillation:</span> September - October

Conserving: October - December

Depending on the wine varietal and style will determine if the winemaker uses oak, redwood, or stainless steel barrels for ageing. When the winemaker has determined the wine has aged properly they begin to bottle it (known as a single varietal) or blend it with other wines and then bottled.


October - December
<span>Conserving:</span> October - December